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The laughter, the wit, the sheer enjoyment of this act is a wonderful surprise. Jeff has an extremely engaging style, accommodating all who approach him when he is Lord Felton in the Conversation Booth. I have delighted in watching him talk to smiling 5 year olds and, without seeming effort, switch to greying biker club members. I have been performing street theatre for 28 years and it is a privilege to watch him work.

       -Tony Miller, aka Shamus the Insulter

Jeff is as capable a performer as I have ever dealt with. To begin, his professionalism and positive energy on set is a dream; he infects the place with his joy for the art. His physical abilities include incredible stamina, strength, and dexterity — all necessary components of puppetry (as well as for a kick-ass Dungeons and Dragons character), and his flexibility in voice performance is uncanny. Not only does he faithfully mimic virtually any voice you give him, he has an outrageous singing range that makes for a powerhouse of performing.

       -Michael Heagle, Director and co-creator of Transylvania TV

I brought Jeff in to assist me on The Choo Choo Bob Show because I knew that he would be more than an “arms” assistant. He collaborated with me to bring the puppet to life on the screen. Jeff is an experienced comedic improv artist and accomplished puppeteer and I’m proud to be working with him.

       -Charles Hubbell,  Puppeteer for Transylvania Television and The Choo Choo Bob Show

The Ridiculous Puppet Company is good. Really good. In fact, the thought occurs to me that I’d better start watching my back!

      -Gordon Smuder, Puppet builder and creator of Transylvania Television

Watching Jeff perform with Felton on a regular basis is a true joy and delight. Seeing the reactions from the children and adults who they encounter is priceless. A true talent that is rarely seen. I could watch them for hours, and I have.

       -Laszlo Nemesi, Feastmaster- Minnesota Renaissance Festival / Puppeteer- Transylvania TV

Always makes the trip to the Ren. Fair worthwhile...

       -Brian Weaver, Fan

The Ridiculous Puppet Company is, of course.... RIDICULOUS!!! Ridiculously talented, skilled, and insightful, whether as designers, builders, or performers. They never fail to amaze me with their wit, style, and innovations. There is a reason I go to them for advice and puppeteering insight: because they ARE ridiculous.... unabashedly so. Outrageous, talented, skilled professionals, who love what they do, and it shows in everything they put their skill sets to.

       -Larry LaFontsee, Puppet builder and owner of LaFontsee Character Design

That’s so cute!

       -Eileen Foley, Megan's mom

The Ridiculous Puppet Company is extremely professional, quick to respond to inquiries, and easy to work with. Their misfortune teller was a huge hit at our October holiday party this year. I would highly recommend them and all their puppets for any event you might have in the future. Highly recommended for office parties! These guys are the best!

       -Pam Van Muijen, The Pride Institute