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Business doesn't need to be boring! Puppets provide a wonderful opportunity to explain your message and engage your target audience. The Ridiculous Puppet Company works with your business to create lovable characters to educate your clients, reinforce your brand message, and keep you on budget! We're excited to work with your existing marketing team, or help you plan something new tailored to your project needs.

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Meet some of our clients

Alex Bajwa, Attorney

Alex Bajwa isn't your typical small business attorney, he's an amazing small business attorney! (Disclosure, he's also our small business attorney, and we think he's pretty great too.) When Alex needed a fun way to explain the advantages of his Partner Plan, we helped him create a video to educate his potential clients. 

The Langer's Ball, Irish Band

We were happy to help local favorite The Langer's Ball with the music video for their original song, Whiskey Chaser. The Ridiculous Puppet Company worked with the band to develop the concept for the video, built the adorable Willy The Whiskey Chaser puppet, and provided puppeteers and puppet wrangling services for the shoot. 

Samantha Rei, Fashion Designer

When fashion designer Samantha Rei needed a promotional video for her Minnesota Fashion Week show, our puppets hit the runway!  We worked with Samantha and her team to create original characters based on the 2003 film Party Monster, and on the original artwork created for her Fall/Winter 2013 line.