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The Ridiculous Puppet Company is good. Really good. In fact, the thought occurs to me that I’d better start watching my back!
— Gordon Smuder, Owner of Puppet Forge, Co-Creator of "Transylvania Television"

The Ridiculous Puppet Company

Based in Minneapolis, MN, The Ridiculous Puppet Company was founded in 2012 by award winning puppeteer Jeff Neppl as a means to entertain audiences and bring characters to life through recorded media, live performance, and collaborative works.  It is committed to producing puppets and performances of the highest quality.

Jeff Neppl

Jeff is the owner, creative director, and lead puppeteer for The Ridiculous Puppet Company.  A puppeteer for over 10 years, Jeff loves bringing characters to life, and his ever growing passion for the art form fueled the creation of The Ridiculous Puppet Company.  His film and television credits include the adult puppet comedy series "Transylvania Television", the Saturday morning children's program "The Choo Choo Bob Show," as well as commercials for the Minnesota State Lottery, Rapala fishing lures, and Ameristar Casinos.  As a live performer, Jeff and his puppet Felton have been a staple of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival since 2007, and he has performed at various renaissance festivals, variety shows, and theatre and puppetry festivals around the world.  He is a member of the Puppeteers of America and holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota.

Jeff is as capable a performer as I have ever dealt with. To begin, his professionalism and positive energy on set is a dream; he infects the place with his joy for the art. His physical abilities include incredible stamina, strength, and dexterity — all necessary components of puppetry (as well as for a kick-ass Dungeons and Dragons character), and his flexibility in voice performance is uncanny. Not only does he faithfully mimic virtually any voice you give him, he has an outrageous singing range that makes for a powerhouse of performing.
— -Michael Heagle, Director and co-creator of Transylvania TV

Meet Team Puppet!

It takes a lot of talent to be this Ridiculous, and we couldn't make it happen without the frequent, invaluable assistance of Team Puppet. 

Megan Culverhouse


Megan is the puppet builder and costumer behind the scenes, working to bring the puppets from concept to reality. Megan’s tremendous knowledge of textiles and their applications, in addition to her considerable sewing skills, are valuable assets in the creation of the puppet characters, costumes and props.  She enjoys the technical challenges of building puppets, as well as seeing them come to life through performance. Megan also owns a kitty named Leeroy Jenkins.

Working with Megan has been a showrunner’s dream: she is driven, profoundly talented, and has a very unique sense of intuition when it comes to her craft and interpreting clients’ artistic vision. Not only can she create intricate, delicate costumes, sophisticated puppet designs, props and contraptions out of seemingly improbable things, Megan can turn them around under practically impossible deadlines, and with impeccable craftsmanship. From the traditional to the seriously weird, Megan’s been able to rise to every challenge, and then some! Her sense of humor shines through every detail she adds to her work, and she is a absolute joy to have on our team. You’ll have to pry her from our cold, dead, rodded felty hands! We couldn’t do the work we do without her working her magic.
— E.B. Grzesiak, Executive Producer "Funporium"

Pam Van Muijen - Accountant


Pam van Muijen has been in the accounting business for 15+ years with positions ranging from basic bookkeeping to CFO level. She can handle any financial obstacles including payroll, tax and auditing, software installations and financial statements. Pam's work experience encompasses both public CPA firms and private accounting for businesses like boardgame manufacturers, GLBTQ addiction recovery centers, banks, a play cafe, comic book stores, and now puppeteers! When she's not crunching numbers, Pam spends time reading comics, playing D&D, and teaching her daughter about all things geeky.

If you need accounting help, contact Pam at p.vanmuijen@gmail.com

Alex Bajwa - Attorney


Since it was established, Alex Bajwa LLC has helped all types of families with services ranging from basic estate planning, to advanced trust and financial planning, as well as helping them through legal crisis. Alex also has a passion for helping small businesses, ranging from new start ups, hobbyists, consultants, and larger businesses with up to 100 employees.

If you need expert small business help, contact Alex at abajwa@alexbajwa.com